A list of some of the first ancestors who migrated to Oceania

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Name & SurnameEstimated Birth YearBirth PlaceArrival DateNaturalization DateAge at NaturalizationOccupationResidenceCountry
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Michael Abourizk1887Mount Lebanon 16 May 192134Manufacturer61 Rathdowne St, CarltonAustralia
Kennon Massoud1871Mount Lebanon 16 May 192150DraperSpringvaleAustralia
Selim Moses Nair1858Mount Lebanon 5 Jan 188830HawkerMelbourneAustralia
Daher Murad Jaboor1869Bisaba 10 Apr 189930WatchmakerMaffraAustralia
James Nachul Coory1862Batroun 19 Dec 188523HawkerMelbourneAustralia
Kutter Melhim Keamy1883Zahle 2 Feb 190724ClerkMelbourneAustralia
Shaheen Matar1874Bkaseen 18 Jun 190127Cigarette ManufacturerMelbourneAustralia
George Keamy1873Mount Lebanon 27 Jun 192451Hawker269 Drummond St, CarltonAustralia
Sellim Gannin1880Mount Lebanon 190222FruitererPort MelbourneAustralia
Nasib Mourad Jaboor1876Mount Lebanon 23 Apr 192145Clergyman"The Manse" Echucca St, MooroopnaAustralia
Abraham Malouf1863Zahle 14 Sep 192158Greengrocer1018 Lygon St, CarltonAustralia
Abdallah George1864Butmeh 24 Sep 190036DealerCharltonAustralia
John Fakhry1875Lebanon 21 Oct 190126StorekeeperClub TerraceAustralia
Khaleel Saleeba1871Zahle 13 May 190231ImporterMelbourneAustralia
Elias Abdallah1861Mount Lebanon 26 Nov 190039TravellerMelbourneAustralia
Said Atteih1877Mount Lebanon 18 Mar 190124DealerCharltonAustralia
Khaled Kablan1869Lebanon 16 Oct 189425Fancy Goods Dealer and DraperBendigoAustralia
Selim Petro Fakhry1873Becharreh 28 Sep 189623MerchantMelbourneAustralia
Callil Haddad1876Lebanon 12 Aug 190125TailorMelbourneAustralia
Betro Abi Khair1870Shwair 19 Apr 189828Importer of Fancy GoodsMelbourneAustralia
George Fawaz1869Mount Lebanon 16 Oct 189930HawkerHeyfieldAustralia
Farhat Michael1872Bekaseen 9 Oct 190028HawkerMelbourneAustralia
George Said Abomady1823Mount Lebanon 16 Jul 188158StorekeeperWebster St, AlexandraAustralia
John Thomas1854Mount Lebanon 8 Jan 192470Canvasser150 Bridge St, BendigoAustralia
Richard Homsie1876Mount Lebanon 24 Aug 192549Rubber Worker255 Spring St, MelbourneAustralia
Michael Fakhry1854Becharreh 8 Mar 189945SalesmanMelbourneAustralia
Tedros Atteih1863Mount Lebanon 18 Mar 190138DealerCharltonAustralia
Mansor Petros Choka1864Mount Lebano 18 Jul 188723HawkerMelbourneAustralia
Shehady Mansour1877Mount Lebano 22 Jun 192851DraperMentone Rd, MentoneAustralia
Alexander Joseph Michael Fadool Malouf1892Zahle 26 May 192735Carrier29 Robert St, CollingwoodAustralia

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