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Statement of validity of a Lebanese Driving Licence to convert it to Australia License

Present a Letter of Confirmation issued by the Department of Motor Registry in Lebanon هيئة إدارة السير والأليات والمركبات – دائرة السوق legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in Beirut.
• The General Consulate authenticate this Letter. Fees AUD $27.50 Each
• The General Consulate issues a letter confirming the authenticity of the Lebanese license. Fees AUD $82.00

Transfer of  Body

The Death Certificate issued by the Local Authorities and legalized by the State Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.
Passport of deceased & Lebanese I.D. (I.D. Card or Individual Civil Registry Record / “Ikhraj Kayd Fardy”).
Attestation of non-contagious diseases issued by the authorized Local Health Authorities (Public Health Medical Officer/ Disease Control). 
In case of accident or suspicious circumstances, an additional attestation from the Coroner Office as to the cause of death.
Embalming Certificate.
Burial Transit Permit issued by the Local Authorities.
Letter of sealed casket.

Fees: 68.50

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