Powers of Attorney

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General Guidelines:
  • Constituents must arrange an appointment as they are required to attend the offices of the Consulate-General in person. (phone: 9529 4588 ext: )
  • Constituents must be of sound mind and legal age (over 18).
  • Powers of Attorney should show: full identity of the Constituents and their present address in Victoria as well as the complete name and address of their Representative/Proxy in Lebanon. The Constituent can appoint one or more Representative/Proxy and instruct them to act jointly or separately.
  • Later the Power of Attorney to be accepted by the Lebanese Authorities it must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants in Beirut.

There are two types of Power of Attorney:

  • 1- The General Power of Attorney: allows the Representative/Proxy, to act on behalf of the Constituent on any matter in all circumstances. Constituents should be fully aware of the powers they are delegating to their Representatives/proxies.
  • 2- The Special Power of Attorney allows the Representative/Proxy to act on behalf of the Constituent on the specified matter and in the designated circumstances. Such as: Sell a property, sell a car, Financial matters, Marriage, Divorce, etc...Some Special Powers of Attorney can be made irrevocable. Please discuss with the Consular Officer the ramifications before drafting one.

  • An appointment.
  • Lebanese Identity Card or a recent individual Extract of Registration (Bayan Qayd Fardy) issued after 1992. Otherwise we need 2 witnesses with IDs
  • Representatives/Proxy’s full name and address in Lebanon and civil register details if known.
  • For Power of Attorneys comprising property matters: Title-of-Deed should be specified.
  • For Power of Attorneys comprising car matters: Model, plate, motor and chassis numbers should be specified.
  • For Power of Attorneys comprising Financial matters: Account number and bank details are required.
  • If a Power of Attorney is to be revoked, then a copy of it or full details of where and when it was drawn and number must be provided.

  • General Power of Attorney: AUD $136.50 per signatory.
  • Special Power of Attorney:  AUD $68.50 per signatory.
  • Revoking a Power of Attorney: AUD 102.50 per signatory.
  • Copy of a Power of Attorney: AUD 55.00 per copy.

N.B.: If the signatory is a legal representative for many persons, the fee shall be multiplied by the number of persons represented, and if this legal representative is a party, he/she should sign twice and pay for himself/herself + the number of persons he/she represents.

All Deeds, & Documents drawn at the Mission or legalized in the capacity of a Notary Public, and where these Deeds & Documents mention an amount of money a proportional fee of 1(per thousand) on the said amount shall apply in addition to the normal fee.

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