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Citizens of AUSTRALIA and some other Nationalities have the option to obtain their visas instantly at the airport in Beirut without applying through the Embassy. Click here for information on Visas obtained upon arrival to Lebanon.


The following documents must be provided to obtain an entry visa to Lebanon:

-  A passport valid for at least 6 Months.

- A Visa Application Form per person completed and signed at the consulate.

*  Application Forms for MINORS travelling alone or in the company of their parents or either one of their parents MUST be signed by both parents in addition to a written consent of both parents and their driving licences. Applications and consents must be signed in the presence of a Consular Officer or notarised by a Notary Public or a police officer and then by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Victoria if sent by mail. In case the minor is under guardianship, a copy of the Court Order granting permission to travel and certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Victoria should be presented to the Consulate.

-              One passport size photo on each form.

-              One coloured photocopy of passport.

-              Marriage certificate or family census record if one of the spouses is of non-Lebanese origin.

-              Australian Birth certificate for children under 18 certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade in Victoria.

-              A clear address in Lebanon or a hotel reservation that underlines the date of entry, and exit, the addressee of residency and the title deeds or leases

-              A return plane ticket

-              A document that underlines the profession of the interested party

-              A statement of account, a credit card, an attestation of profession, and salary

The Consulate General of Lebanon can eventually request further documents

Visa applications require at least two working days to be processed. In some cases, where approval is required from the Security General in Beirut, the process will take more considerable time.  Fees per passport:

-              One entry visa: ِAUD $119.50

-              Two entry visa: AUD  $170.50

-              Multiple entry visa: AUD  $239.00

"Payment are only accepted in Cash”.

 If requested, passports and relevant documents will be returned by mail provided a self-addressed, stamped (or Priority Prepaid) return envelope is included with the application.


  • 1-No visas will be granted on Travel Documents.
  • 2-Granting a visa does not permit the compulsive entry if the competent authorities have other preventions.
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